NAP Live-Blogs the Vice-Presidential Debate

Tonight, we live-blog this cycle’s sure-to-be-thrilling vice-presidential debate…

Check out the full exchange and our grades and verdicts below the fold…


Final Grades: Pence: B; Kaine: B-; Verdict: Wash – AK

I have never been happier to be wrong. I was very, very wrong about Pence. He was superb tonight. Whoever prepared him for the debate needs to help Trump for the next debate. Kaine just undermined whatever points Hillary was able to score last week. He was nervous an seemed too focused on getting out the talking points he was given. I give Pence an A+ and Kaine a C+. And the moderator gets an F. – CC

10:31 – Kaine forgot to blame abortion on Trump not paying his taxes. If your dog gets sick, if your child runs away, if you spouse cheats on you — it is all because Trump didn’t pay his taxes. – CC

10:28 – Why did Pence have to bring up abortion? He was doing great.– CC

10:23 – Pence is having a hard time keeping a straight face. I can’t blame him. And you, like your candidate, confuse stating facts with praising. Putin is a stronger leader than Obama. Putin has done a better job promoting Russia’s interests than Hillary has promoting America’s interests. – CC

10:16 – Well, you know, Trump did say all that. Forget Putin: it must be frustrating to have to defend a candidate who has more kind words to say about Saddam Hussein and Kim Jung-un than about Barack Obama, owing to some convoluted definition of ‘strength’ that’s indistinguishable from cruelty and lawlessness. – AK

10:15 – It is absolutely obvious all the Hillary campaign has tonight is “Trump said this, Trump said that”. She can’t run on her record except that she was in the room when bin Laden was killed. You must be embarrassed to support such a weak candidate Alex. – CC

10:15 – Nice to see so many foreign policy questions on the table tonight. – AK

10:14 – The Trump campaign’s definition of ‘strength’ is indistinguishable from machismo and bravado. – AK

10:09 – Second best joke of the night: Hillary went to toe to toe with Russia. – CC

10:08 – Pence is clearly embarrassed by Trump’s love of kissing Putin’s ass, so what can he do but just lie about it? – AK

10:05 – I take all the deductions I can, but I don’t then turn around and accuse poor people of not paying their fair share for taking all the deductions they can. – AK

10:03 – Do you take tax deductions Alex? If not you hate the military according Kaine.– CC

10:02: – I think Kaine is wading into treacherous waters when he accuses Trump of “not supporting the troops.” – AK

10:00 – The moderation tonight has been terrible. – CC; Yes, it’s been very arbitrary and haphazard. I have no idea what the actual rules about freewheeling exchange are. She’s granted extra time on request. Can she do that? – AK

9:58 – Now it’s Gov. Pence’s turn to beat a dead horse: who is left to move over the Clinton server issue?

9:52 – Does Kaine know that the Chelsea bomber was an immigrant from Afghanistan? Pence could have pointed this out. – CC

9:51 – This debate is meeting the hype — take that as you will. – AK

9:49 – Enough with the John McCain stuff. Why does Kaine think it is such a killer line? – AK

9:47 –Best joke of the night: Kaine saying that Hillary is the best candidate to beat terrorists. This is a softball and Pence should be able to knock it out of the park. – CC

9:46 – Kaine is over-playing the bin Laden card. – AK

9:40 – Who does Pence think he’s kidding? Does he really think he can convince anyone that Clinton and not Trump is running an insult-driven campaign? – AK

9:39 – Pence using the term ‘criminal alien’ rather than ‘illegal immigrant’ is interesting. – AK

9:37 – At this point, everyone knows about Trump’s comments about John McCain. Everyone who is outraged by this is already against Trump. -AK

9:36 – Pence’s answer on race and police was masterful. Came across as compassionate, on the side of law and order and portrayed Hillary as craven politician taking advantage of tragedies to further her career. Masterful. – CC

9:30 – Kaine’s answer on race and policing is his best so far — articulate and reasonable, without being overbearing. – AK

9:27 – Kaine is proving that he is temperamentally unfit to be president. Pence is calm and confident. There’s still lots of time to go though. -CC

9:20 – Kaine’s talking points are too canned and corny. -CC

9:19 – So far, Pence seems to have the upper-hand, simply because Kaine does seem a little nervous and is coming across as obviously scripted. – AK

9:17 – The moderator has completely lost control. Kaine looks extremely nervous. Can’t blame him. Hillary’s record is indefensible. But the moderator needs to get back in control. Too many interruptions, talking over each other. – CC

9:13 – Kaine needs to stop interrupting, like, now. – AK

9:12 – Secretaries of State are not the ‘architects’ of foreign policy, Gov. Pence. – AK

9:11 – Kaine has a nice scripted answer explaining why he thinks Hillary Clinton is trustworthy, but the question was about why people find her untrustworthy. On the other hand, you can hardly expect a politician to answer a question like that directly. -AK

9:07 – Kaine seems very rehearsed. Also, he omitted his experience as DNC chair when ticking off his resume points. – AK

8:54 – Both Kaine and Pence have been all but invisible since their selections. It is doubtful whether anything of real consequence will take place tonight, but it will be interesting to see how they’ve been trained to deflect attacks against their running mates. Take a look, America: one of these two men will be a heartbeat away from having to fill the shoes of a 70-year-old new president. – AK

8:54 – I am not a Pence fan. Tonight I hope to be proven wrong about him. – CC