Hillary Clinton Is the Empty Suit In the Race

With a month to go before the end of the long process of selecting the next president of the United States,  it should be clear to every voter by now that Hillary Clinton cannot run on her record.

Initially, Hillary and her supporters claimed the moral high ground. She was the experienced, knowledgeable candidate with a plethora of specific policy positions running against an unaccomplished “reality star.” But on closer inspection, her vaunted experience turned out to be a series of titles she was able to obtain because she was married to Bill Clinton. Her knowledge and policy proposals turned out to be the same old talking points that the American electorate has heard for decades and have produced a declining middle class, $20 trillion in debt and a foreign policy in shambles.  Whenever Hillary is asked about she has accomplished in her decades of public service, she replies with a vague statement about “fighting for women and children,” or something like that. When pressed for more details, she might mentions the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which was first championed by Ted Kennedy, not her — or that, as Secretary of State, she traveled to 112 countries. If taking credit for other people’s initiatives and accumulating a record number of travel miles were achievements, then Hillary would have a stellar record to run on — but they aren’t, and she doesn’t.


Having no record or vision for the country, the Hillary campaign is reduced to setting a series of traps to snare Trump into phony controversies that have no bearing on the future of the country — and unfortunately for Trump supporters, the Donald has been to happy to play along with the Clinton strategy. As a result, endless hours have been spent talking about Trump’s ‘Mexican rapists’ comments, while the fact that Mexico has been using the United States as its safety value for decades for its poverty problems is completely ignored. A situation that has led to Mexico being mired in third world country status, lower wages for low skilled workers in America, and drug related crime and corruption in both countries — ignored. Endless hours have been spent talking about Trump’s remarks about Judge Curiel, but there is complete silence about the fiction that the judiciary is an apolitical institution. Endless hours have been spent talking about Mr. Khan and Ms. Machado, but there is no discussion from Hillary about the consequences of mass immigration, or whether it is really such a great idea to replicate the EU’s refugee policy, which has resulted in an increase of terrorism and sexual assaults of women in Germany.  Since Hillary wants to keep the status quo and increase the number of refugees coming to America, it is no wonder that she would much rather talk about Miss Universe.

Hillary’s lack of real qualifications to be president could not have been more obvious during the first debate. Trump scored his best points of the night when the questions were about issues, while Hillary did her best when indulging in personal attacks against her opponent. When Hillary started flailing while discussing what she would do to improve the economy, she reached for her husband’s record while president —  yet her supporters insist that Bill Clinton is not on the ballot. Just like the debate exposed Hillary’s worthless resume, the latest Trump controversy has exposed her super-sized hypocrisy. This is a woman who claims to be a feminist champion, and yet her political career was built on marrying a man with great political talent and keeping him on track by forming  and directing a task force to put out “bimbo eruptions.” This is a woman who said that victims of sexual assault have “a right to be believed” — only to quietly edit the words from her campaign website over the summer.  When  Trump’s lewd  words on a taped private conversation surfaced, the Hillary campaign took to Twitter, claimed their candidate was “horrified,” and urged women voters to keep him away of the Oval Office — an amazing statement coming from a woman who did not call for her husband’s resignation after his lewd behavior with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office was proven not to be a right wing conspiracy.

Hillary  Clinton wants women voters to be outraged and exercised about behavior that she excused, rationalized, and defended as a ‘private matter’ when her husband ran for office. She and her supporters are making the case that Trump is not an appropriate role model for American children, and yet her husband — who forced parents to explain to their children that oral sex is sex — is out on the campaign trail and was a featured speaker at the Democrats’ convention. It is the height of hypocrisy — and if her supporters want to stand by their candidate, that is fine — but they need to get off their high horse and face the fact that Hillary Clinton is the empty suit running for the White House, not Donald Trump.