Is It Time for President Pence?

Perhaps my memory fails me, but I somehow do not recall Donald Trump running on any promise to "fix DACA". I do distinctly recall him promising quite the opposite: to build a wall across our southern border, have Mexico pay for it, and send all illegal immigrants back to their home countries

To those who would gloat and triumphantly declare: "Cinzia, you have been scammed" -- restrain yourselves. It is irrelevant whether I believed Trump or not, or even whether he intended to fulfill his campaign promises. What is relevant is that Trump made a commitment to his voters. No one, as far as I know, put a gun to his head and forced him to promise to oppose all forms of amnesty and build a wall across the southern border, paid for by Mexico. He is the one who volunteered the offer to the voters -- and now the time has come for Trump to ditch the Houdini act and stop trying to escape from his signature commitment.

Last summer, I wrote a piece explaining why I had reached the conclusion that Trump was not serious about building a wall. At the time, I noted that Trump was not negotiating with the Democrats, but rather with his voters, trying to sell them a different agenda on immigration than the one he campaigned on. When the White House released its latest proposal on immigration, many wondered why the president would seek to double the number of people eligible for relief, and why he offered a path to citizenship in exchange for policy changes at a later date concerning family reunification policy and the visa lottery.  There is a very simple explanation for all this: Trump is trying to determine how far his voters will let him stray from his campaign promises.  Once he knows his limits, that's what Trump will do. 

It is patently obvious that Trump and the GOP establishment hoped that the tax cuts would cause their voters either not to notice the push for amnesty, or at least make them more receptive to it. Even the timing of the announcement of the missing -- later reappearing -- text messages between FBI agents Strzok and Page, as well as Senator Ron Johnson declaring that an informant told him that an FBI Secret Society held meeting off-site (only to retract and say perhaps the reference to the 'Secret Society' was said in jest) seem like shiny objects to divert the conversation away from the amnesty push. A week ago, Republican lawmakers breathlessly announced that they had read a House Intelligence memorandum documenting all sort of malfeasance by the 'Deep State'. Despite all the hysterics and a successful hashtag campaign, the memo still remains under wraps. Is this another diversionary tactic to keep voters from focusing on the impending amnesty deal?

Frankly, I am to the point that I want to see Trump removed from office. I just don't see how the country can endure the nonstop drama that has been swirling around the White House for another three years. The leaks to the press haven't stopped, and I am beginning to suspect that it is Trump doing the leaking. He craves attention from the New York Times. I can just imagine him calling Maggie Haberman, bragging: "Yeah, I was going to fire Mueller but decided I have nothing to hide. I can take him on!". But worst of all, he's constantly changing his mind on the issues, going from one position to the next. Trump claims that it is part of his "strategy" of being unpredictable. I find it exhausting. I would be willing to tolerate the drama and turmoil if he were delivering on his signature issues, but he's not.

I realize there is no Constitutional ground to impeach him, but if it were possible to remove presidents for failing to make a true effort to deliver on their signature promises, I believe candidates would be more careful about what they promise to the voters. After being misled so many times, we are in desperate need of true accountability.