How 4D Chess Killed MAGA

After months of delay, Jeff Sessions finally announced his decision regarding the appointment of a second Special Counsel to look into various allegations of corruption at the FBI and the Justice Department. The Attorney General deemed that a Special Counsel was not warranted - at least not at this time - and that the matter could be handled internally through the Inspector General Office with the aid of Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber, an Obama holdover. I suppose it could have been worse. Sessions could have appointed Sally Yates or Eric Holder.

I first became disillusioned with Sessions back in June 2017, after his appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee. At the time I wrote: "For many Trump supporters, watching Jeff Sessions forcefully defend his honor increased their admiration for the man. For me, it had the opposite effect. By the time he finished his testimony, my admiration had turned into an intense dislike. I did not see a selfless public servant defending his good name. Instead, what I saw was a self-centered individual with a grandiose opinion of himself more interested in protecting his reputation  than serving the administration he joined." Needless to say, I was immediately criticized for attacking Sessions. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was wrong and not to be fooled by appearances - under the genteel, Southern manners was a vicious pitbull who would drain the swamp.

A month later, the president took to Twitter to publicly announce his displeasure with Sessions. I wrote another article backing the president but once again I was rebuffed. I was assured that Trump's Twitter rants were all part of an elaborate strategy to bring down the Deep State. Behind the scenes, the president and his Attorney General were working together and the public spat was to throw off the swamp. Very soon - I was told - thousands of indictments would be announced bringing an end to the endemic corruption in Washington. Patience. It's all 4D Chess.

Sessions' refusal to appoint a second Special Counsel seems to have finally caused many MAGA fans to realize that he is not the right man to drain the swamp - or drain a clogged kitchen sink - but precious months have been wasted. Had Trump supporters backed the president as I did during the summer, the Mueller probe could have been shut down before announcing any indictments. Whatever controversy or political hit firing the Special Counsel would have surely generated would be a distant memory by now. Attorney General Scott Pruitt would have been well on his way to reforming the Justice Department as he did the EPA. The MAGA agenda would be alive and well. 

Jeff Sessions is not the only instance in which Trump supporters hurt the MAGA agenda in order to sustain their 4D Chess delusions. When Trump began making noises about granting amnesty to DACA recipients, once again anyone who dared to challenge Trump was told: Calm down. It's all part of the Art of the Deal. Trump was using the DACA kids as leverage against the Democrats. Patience. We are witnessing the master negotiator at work.'

We are fifteen months into the Trump administration and the MAGA agenda is on life support. The president's pledge that he would have a new working relationship with Putin has been replaced with continuous efforts to show that he is tougher on Russia than Obama and Hillary could have ever been. In an effort to save his presidency, Trump has put the old Republican hawks who brought us the Iraq War back in charge of our foreign policy. Instead of cornering the Democrats on DACA, the president's talk about amnesty and failure to build the wall have resulted in a caravan of illegal immigrants coming from Central America, unimpeded by the Mexican government, towards our southern border. Indulging the 4D Chess fantasy has not produced thousands of indictments. It has produced the omnibus bill that funded all the swamp's priorities while prohibiting the president from delivering on his signature promise.