Trump Is Lazy

Once again Trump is vowing to "close down the country" if Congress does not provide funding for his big, beautiful wall in September. Anyone who still believes this worn-out line should immediately contact me for a bridge, or whatever else I can find to sell. The president has already passed on several opportunities to make good on his promise to shut down the government over funding for the wall, starting in March 2017 – back then, the excuse was that it was still Obama’s budget, so he couldn’t make any changes – and ending last month, when he signed the omnibus bill, which expressly prohibits him from building the wall he promised. The latest excuse was that he couldn’t veto the bill because of the much-needed military spending - apparently, we are in such desperate need of more ships and planes that "you literally can't see" even if we can't use them to protect our borders.

Irrespective of the reasons offered to justify Trump's failure to enforce his red lines on the wall, one thing is absolutely clear: Trump is simply too lazy to fight for the agenda he campaigned on. When push comes to shove, Trump is perfectly happy to sign off on whatever Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell put in from of him, show off his flashy signature to the cameras, and slap a MAGA label on it, knowing full well that the Trump cultists will cheer anything their celebrity idol does or says. 

"How can you say he's lazy? Look how much he has achieved in just one year," some will say. Well, nothing much on immigration -- that’s for sure. Tax cuts, deregulation, and conservative judges are all wins that any other Republican would have delivered. What we get with Trump is a lot of smoke and mirrors, lots of declarations of “winning” -- and then when the smoke clears, nothing much has changed. The latest example of Trump's laziness concerns the caravan of illegal immigrants making its way from Central America to the United States. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Trump cultists were all over social media declaring a “win” for the president, because the caravan had apparently been disbanded -- only to learn they have actually reached the Mexico-USA border and are climbing over the existing fence. Heck, the Trump cultists have already declared that peace is reigning over the Korean peninsula – let’s hope we don’t find out the hard way that it was more smoke by having a nuclear weapon land on our shores.

"But, but, but Trump barely sleeps at night and is up early twitting away while most of Washington slumbers." I hate to disappoint you, Trump cultists, but there are people in this world who simply do not require seven hours of sleep, and Trump happens to be one of them. "But, but, but look Trump’s schedule during the presidential campaign – especially during the final days, when he held several rallies a day, flying from state to state into the wee hours of the night." That wasn’t work. He was enjoying himself by entertaining crowds. He was in his element and loving the adoration he received. Saying that Trump’s rallies prove that he’s a hard worker is the same as saying someone who enjoys playing video games ten hours a day is also a hard worker. It is not work - it's purely recreational. Being a hard worker means spending hours performing tasks one doesn’t particularly enjoy, but understands are absolutely vital to perform.

Trump cannot be bothered to learn about policy, the Constitution, or the contents of the bills he is signing. He admitted as much about the omnibus bill. It's hard work to read up on the powers he possesses as the head of the executive branch. It's much easier to get on Twitter and whine about his own Justice Department and type "Witch Hunt!" repeatedly. A simple Google search could have spared him the embarrassment of calling for line item veto, since he was clearly unaware that it was declared unconstitutional twenty years ago and would require a constitutional amendment - something that cannot be achieved during his presidential term even if Trump were to be re-elected.  

All the president wants to do is watch his favorite Fox News hosts – that’s how he realized in the first place that the omnibus bill was unpopular. Trump's initial reaction was to issue a veto threat, but it was quickly withdrawn once he found out he would have to skip going to Mar-a-Lago for his round of golf - his other favorite activity. Once in the Oval Office, Trump realized it would require a lot of heavy lifting to build the wall and implement the MAGA agenda -- and the man is just too damn lazy to get it done.