Prince Harry Will Complete Princess Diana's Mission To Destroy The Monarchy

Princess Diana let the world know – first by secretly collaborating with Andrew Morton in a tell-all book “Diana: Her True Story”, and later from her own lips during her famous interview with Martin Bashir – about her bitterness towards the Royal Family for not providing the support she needed, and towards Prince Charles for never ending his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, causing  their marriage to be “a bit crowded”. But the handsome divorce settlement she received -- and the British public decisively coming down on her side of the dispute with the Royal Family -- were not enough to satisfy her need for revenge.  Diana’s war against the Windsors in the court of public opinion was skillfully executed and extremely successful to the point that, decades later, polls indicate that the majority of the British public would prefer that Prince Charles never be crowned King -- and Camilla never dared to take the tile of Princess of Wales, even though it is her right as the wife of the Prince of Wales. However, Diana's untimely and tragic death meant that she could not complete her mission to destroy the monarchy. Harry marrying  Meghan Markle means that the son can now finish what his mother started.

Meghan Markle is not royal family material by any stretch of the imagination, and it has nothing to do with her being biracial. Actually, her biracial background has been used effectively to silence any criticism – only racists who do not wish to modernize the monarchy could object to such a brilliant match!  In reality, Meghan could be fully black or white and she still would be unsuitable. Also, it has nothing to do with the fact that she is a commoner. No blue blood flows through Catherine Middleton, but her family runs among the highest circles of British society, and both Kate and her sister Pippa were groomed to be the wives of aristocrats or upper class men.  Meghan is not British, and thus no appeal can be made to the sentiment that any British girl can grow up to be a princess.  She is unsuitable because she is a divorced, older, C-list actress with a dysfunctional family who has already provided many cringe-worthy moments for the monarchy, and is sure to provide more in the future. Her father’s last-minute health scare was probably planned to cover for the fact that he was never invited to the wedding --along with the rest of the family except for her mother – who is, frankly, its only presentable member.

In choosing Meghan as his wife, Prince Harry is following in Diana’s footsteps. She consistently fell for men who were wholly unsuitable as stepfathers to the future King of England. A married policeman, a Pakistani heart surgeon – who was wise enough to realize marrying Diana would be he biggest mistake of his life – and the son of controversial Egyptian businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed, who was involved in the cash-for-questions scandal.  Her choice of men always seemed to fall on the side that would create embarrassment for the Royal Family and cause the British public to start questioning whether to continue the institution or opt for a truly republican form of government.  

In several interviews, Harry indicated that he felt burdened by being a member of The Firm (nickname for the Royal Family) and wanting to be “normal”  – an idea that clearly came from his mother. Diana’s version of being “normal” was to spend a few hours at a homeless shelter  – she always made sure the press was tipped off, lest her gesture would go unnoticed – and then immediately return to her butler and royal palaces.  If Harry wants to be normal, unbound by the expectations that come with being a royal, he should turn in his title, leave the palaces, and seek regular employment.

The monarchy, as an institution, cannot be about being 'normal', or indulging every wish, irrespective of whether it is suitable or embarrassing.  Members  of the Royal Family must carry out their roles with a sense of duty and sacrifice. Edward VIII had to choose between the throne and the woman he loved. Princess Margaret  was forced to give up the love of her life, Group Captain Peter Townsend. Even Charles felt the duty to find a suitable wife of aristocratic background and without a past. When rumors about Prince Phillip’s infidelity circulated, the Queen did not scowl during public engagements or secretly contact journalists to let the world know about her pain. She carried on, without complaint, and kept her honor.

The 19th century British journalist Walter Bagehot wrote that the monarchy represented the dignified element of the English constitution. The role of the dignified was to hold everyone’s respect and to “excite and preserve the reverence of the population”. After years of divorces, tabloid scandals, and now the Markles, its hard to see how the monarchy can still be considered dignified. Once the Queen sheds her mortal coil,  it may be best to retire the Royal Family and let them be normal.