Theresa May's Stunning Defeat

It was a result expected by everyone who follows British politics and yet the scale of Theresa May’s defeat was surprising:

British MPs rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal by a record-breaking 230 votes, shrouding the U.K.'s path out of the European Union with doubt.

The vote in the House of Commons — 432 against and 202 for — means that the Withdrawal Agreement struck between May's government and the EU in November last year has fallen at the first hurdle. It must be ratified by the U.K. and European parliaments before it can come into force…….The previous record was set by Ramsay MacDonald's minority government in 1924, which lost a division by 166 votes.

As an avid follower of British politics, I predicted that the United Kingdom would vote to leave the European Union nearly two years before the referendum was held. What I did not foresee was the extent the ruling class would work to sabotage the referendum result. But I should be forgiven for my misjudgment. Three years ago I still believed that democracy was a cherished value in the West. I still believed that casting a vote mattered.

Alas, Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have shown that democracy in the West is just an illusion. As long as voters used the ballot box to confirm, endorse the wishes of the ruling elites, the democracy illusion was maintained. The moment the voters defied the ruling class, the democracy illusion was shattered. In America, the Deep State has assiduously worked to undermine the Trump administration and in Britain May and her band of Remainers have tried to keep the country in the EU through the backdoor - or I should say the backstop.

There are those who would argue that democracy is just fine in the West. The Deep State is a figment of the imagination of Trump supporters and May is just incompetent. Hardly. May’s objective has been to cancel Brexit. She has played a game of chicken hoping that - as the March 29th deadline is within sight - the House would approve her deal in the hope of avoiding Britain crashing out of the EU. Her gambit failed but she has more tricks up her sleeve.

Tomorrow May will face a confidence vote which, in all likelihood, she will survive. After that, I am sure there will be another attempt to get a deal but as the deadline of Article 50 nears, there will be an effort to delay it. Ultimately, what the ruling elites want is a second referendum that will reverse the results of over two years ago. That way they get their wish of Britain staying in the EU and restore the democracy illusion.