Everything I Hate Is White Supremacy

For quite sometime there has been a meme circulating social media stating “Everyone I Hate Is Hitler”. Quite amusing and quite accurate. What used to be a devastating attack on a political opponent, or a surefire way to shut down any debate, it is now a punchline. Since the potency of invoking Hitler’s name has waned, a new lexicon had to be deployed - thus the term “white supremacy” became ubiquitous. Any action, policy or political movement the Left doesn’t like is now labeled “white supremacy”. The latest example of “white supremacy” is inquiring about citizenship status in the upcoming 2020 census.

A few days ago, a New York federal judge blocked the Trump administration from including a citizenship question in the census. Celebrating the decision, opinion writer David Leonhardt wrote:

White nationalism lost in federal court yesterday.

Judge Jesse Furman blocked the Trump administration’s attempt to add a question to the 2020 census asking about citizenship status. Furman “found that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross violated federal law by misleading the public — and his own department — about the reasons for adding the question,” Dara Lind of Vox writes.

Ross claimed, laughably, that the citizenship question would help the Trump administration enforce voting rights. In truth, it was designed to intimidate Latinos — both legal and illegal — into not responding to the census. The resulting undercount would then reduce the political representation of immigrant-heavy regions and cause them to receive less federal funding.

According to the Left, something remarkable happens when Latinos are on American soil. Outside the United States, they are perfectly able to answer questions about citizenship, obtaining IDs, provide identification when voting. However, the moment they touch American soil they become incapacitated. They have difficulty obtaining IDs; the requirement to provide identification frightens them to the point that they choose to stay away from the polls; and, now, having to answer a question about citizenship status will keep them from completing the census.

Of course, the Left knows very well that Latinos are just as capable of fulfilling their civic duties as any other American citizen. They also know that asking about citizenship is not evidence of white supremacy. The only reason a Latino - or anyone for that matter - would be reluctant to answer a citizenship question is because they are in the country illegally and that is the reason the Left objects to it. The Left does not recognize the concept of citizenship. Their goal is to completely eliminate the distinction between citizens and non-citizens, between those who are in the country legally from those who are not. Whether motivated by wanting power or a purer form of egalitarianism is irrelevant. The result is the same.

In their quest to banish the concept of citizenship from American soil, the Left’s rhetoric often steers into the absurd. A case in point is Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggesting that members of the caravan trying to seek asylum in America - while carrying flags of the countries they are allegedly fleeing - are more American than those whose families have been here for generations. In her mind, a foreign national who doesn’t speak English, doesn’t know anything about our Constitution, the founding fathers, and our history is more American than Brian Kolfage, a Purple Heart recipient and triple amputee. After all, Kolfage supports building a wall and, in Ocasio-Cortez’s view, that alone makes him less American. At this rate, it won’t be long before the migrants will be more American than George Washington and anyone who disagrees will be deemed a white supremacist.