Do Not Let Conservative Inc. Slither Away From the Covington Controversy

The climb down is not as fast as the initial burst of faux outrage. As soon as the video that sparked the Covington controversy surfaced, the usual suspects who see bigotry lurking in the soul of every Trump supporter were quick to denounce and foment a mob against the Catholic students while consoling Mr. Nathan Phillips, the alleged victim of another act of white supremacy. Thanks to Twitter personalities like Mike Cernovich, the initial media reports were proven to be more fake news and retractions, social media deletions and apologies began.

The Left weaponizing the Covington video to bludgeon their political opposition is to be expected. Whether people on the Right want to admit it or not, there is a Cold Civil War being waged in America. The Left fully understand that white, conservative Christian men are at the core of their opposition and will not pass up any opportunity to demonize them. But what about Conservative Inc.? Outfits like the National Review that rushed out a piece accusing the Covington students of spitting on the Cross. (The article has since been pulled). Or conservative pundits like S.E. Cupp who also has had to apologize for her rush to judgment. Why was Conservative Inc. just as eager as any pussy-hat-wearing, Women’s March participant to join the Covington Catholic pile-on ?

Ann Coulter and James Taranto offer different answers to my question:

For the record, I side with Ann Coulter. But seeking the approval of the Left is not the full answer. Conservative Inc. wants to be the Right’s ultimate authority. The guardians of conservative orthodoxy whose blessing every candidate running under the banner of conservatism must receive. However, to hold such a glorified position Conservative Inc. has to show that it deserves it. Trying to re-enact William F. Buckley chasing the Birchers out of the GOP is not enough.

Perhaps a more important question is what is the point of having pundits like S.E. Cupp or David French on the Right? What do they bring to the table? It is not just pundits. Republicans like Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina who never seems to pass an opportunity to criticize the Republican Party for not sufficiently denouncing bigotry. What does Senator Scott bring to the table? According to exit polls he’s not bringing black voters into the GOP fold. In 2016, he got 8% of the black vote which is the norm for Republican candidates. What expertise, competence does Scott contribute that outweighs him constantly validating the Democrats’ claim that the GOP is filled with bigots?

There are many Tim Scotts scattered throughout the Republican Party. Individuals who, in my humble opinion, are only Republicans because they live in a red state and want a political career. Many, I suspect, are waiting for their state to flip blue so they can run to the media and give “the GOP left me” spiel. Others join the GOP because - as minorities - they stand out and are guaranteed a rapid climb to the top or lots of face time in the media because the Republican Party is ashamed that its supporters are overwhelmingly white. Conservative Inc., all those on the Right who piled-on the Convington students should not be allowed to slither away with a simple “sorry”. Unless they are adding value to the Right, it’s time for them to join their soulmates in the Democrat Party where they cannot do damage to the conservative movement.