Amnesty Don Never Wanted A Wall - Part II

This is not a victory lap. I take no joy in being proven right and I am still hoping I will be proven wrong.

In September 2017, I wrote:

Trump was never serious about building the wall or having illegal immigrants leave the country. He only used his immigration stance to win the election, and ever since he reached the White House, he has been buying time while working to find a way to ditch his campaign commitments without losing his base.  

At the time I received a lot of push back from Trump supporters but it was understandable. Donald Trump had been office barely nine months and many felt that my conclusion was premature. However, we are now two years into his presidency and no wall is in sight while trial balloons about granting some form of DACA amnesty keep being floated. Nevertheless, there will be a solid core of Trump fans who will insist I am being impatient - that I should hold back my criticism for another three weeks when magically the same White House staff that hasn’t been willing or able to fund the wall will finally come through. As I said, I hope I am proven wrong and Trump does fulfill his signature campaign promise but that is not likely to happen.

The agreement that ended the shutdown included creating a bipartisan Senate group charged with the task of making recommendations on how to best secure the border. The Democrats have selected their three Senators - Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Dick Durbin of Illinois and Jon Tester of Montana and the Republicans have selected their four Senators - Richard Shelby of Alabama, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Roy Blunt of Missouri and John Hoeven of North Dakota. The group is expected to consult with border patrol agents and other security experts.

What is interesting, and telling, about the Republican choice of Senators is that none are from border states. Moreover, none of the four are immigration hawks and are more aligned with the Chamber of Commerce than Numbers USA. A very odd choice if the goal was to secure the border. However, it is an excellent choice if the real task of the group is to provide cover for the president to ditch his campaign promise.

My prediction is that in three weeks, the group will recommend a few physical barriers (steel slats) and a whole lot of drones, sensors and other technology that can be easily switched off by the next Democrat or Bush-like Republican administration. Trump will pounce on the recommendations and tell his voters that they are an improvement over his original wall - after all, the experts have spoken! The Trump communication team will flood the airways and declare a great victory for the American people and praise the president for being a problem solver who brought Washington together. The Trump cultists will feel vindicated while the patriots will be searching for a new leader for the MAGA movement.