Random Thoughts On Impeachment Polls

A couple of days ago, Yahoo published a piece with the headline “New polls show impeachment support approaching the danger zone for Trump”. In an ominous tone the article states:

President Trump reportedly told his advisers last week that he would start worrying if national polls showed more than 50 percent of Americans supporting his impeachment. Five surveys released in the past two days show that public support for Trump’s impeachment is approaching a majority — and rising.

Let me make sure I understand a few things:

First, hypothetically if you ask a person who supports impeachment why the President should actually be impeached, answers will range from no particular reason; he said mean things; Hillary Clinton should be president; and, we'll figure it out later. None of the answers will include a particular specific set of charges!

Second, Americans did not support impeachment against President Bill Clinton, who openly lied under oath but they supposedly support impeachment against a man they can't even agree on which charge he should be impeached on?!?

Third, there's the issue of 90% of press coverage going one way. Not that never influenced anything and related issues!

Lastly, and most importantly, isn't it ironic that cajoling foreign powers to engage in actions against one's political rivals was acceptable during the Obama administration but today it is an impeachable offense?!? I mean, it is widely recognized that the Russian collusion charges were completely fictional and made up as they went along. Yet no polls about whether the Obama administration abused power. But Trump talking to Russia, Ukraine and Australia trying to uncover potential wrongdoing by the previous administration, according to polls, Americans believe it is worthy of impeachment.