Notorious RBG Finally Turns Up

An epic game of “Where’s Notorious RBG?” gripped Washington after Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed oral arguments for the first time in early January. It was reported that she attended a concert last week but there was no photographic or journalistic evidence of the appearance. Thus, speculation about her whereabouts continued. Last Friday, it was announced that RBG made her first visit to the Supreme Court since cancer surgery. Once again, there is no photographic evidence but we do have a statement from a Court spokesperson and there is no reason to doubt it.  The Court is scheduled to resume oral arguments on Tuesday after a four week recess, but it's not clear whether RBG will be on the bench. If she doesn't attend, speculation about her health status will resume in full force.

As long as RBG's appearances are nothing more than hearsay, conspiracy theorists of the world will continue to have a field day assuming that Justice Ginsburg is dead, her body frozen in cryostasis in hopes that the Israelis fulfill their recent promise to unveil the cure for cancer by next year. Or at least, put off the appointment of a Justice to replace the Liberal hero until President Donald Trump can be vanquished, ensuring an equally Liberal wunderkind in this most valued seat and not an Antonin Scalia 2.0.

Why, the crank pot theories have been positively off the wall!  One meme going around social media depicts Ginsburg’s face and head being preserved and mounted atop a cyborg’s head, ‘Terminator’-style, presenting a human façade for this robotic being to play along with the attempt to pull off procrastinating the eventual replacement of Ginsburg until Trump is gone from the White House.

Now, all humor aside at the degree of nuttiness present in our nation, the Left has proven to many that they are willing to go to any lengths to preserve their control over the judiciary and regain a solid Liberal majority on the Supreme Court.  It is easy to see that this would have been accomplished had Hillary Clinton been victorious over Trump in 2016.  Two additional solid Liberals on the Court would have cinched this majority for a generation.

But seriously, a Justice should not just be able to disappear for months and all the public gets is statements from family members. Given RBG's history of bouts with cancer, including the recent removal of cancerous material from her lungs—likely the metastasis of her previous bouts with either pancreatic and colon cancer—it is not an unreasonable request from either the President or the Republican Senate to require a visit with Ginsburg by a medical doctor of Republicans’ choosing if she is a no show this Tuesday.

When the “lifetime appointment” of Judicial nominees was codified in the Constitution, life expectancy was in the mid-50’s. It is now 80 years old, making it feasible that a Justice appointed at age 50 might serve 30-40 years on SCOTUS.  The country now has to deal with the issue of having decrepit, old people serving in this most important of legal roles. That is why we must know the health status of Justice Ginsburg and of any future Justice who disappears from the public for months. The mere possibility that “temporary employees,” i.e. clerks, may be issuing opinions in her name and without her participation must be excluded to maintain the integrity of the nation’s highest Court. We, of course, wish Justice Ginsburg long life and improved health.  Anyone stating otherwise is a heartless clown who should be castigated going forward.  Our prayers are with you, Notorious RBG!