Forget Impeachment, It's Time For The 25th Amendment

In the last few days, Donald Trump has cancelled his state visit to Denmark because it won’t negotiate selling Greenland to the United States. He has tweeted about being “King of the Jews” and now this:

I am sure the Trump cultists will find a way to justify his bizarre behavior (Joking, 4D chess, triggering the liberal media, whatever) but the time has come for those in the GOP who love to call themselves leaders to step up and pressure Trump to step down or, at the very least, reconsider running for re-election.

UPDATE: I was wrong. It is not the Trump cultists making excuses for their idol. It is the president himself:

The problem for the president is that his “I am the chosen one” moment came on the heels of him approvingly retweeting about being the “second coming” and the “King of the Jews” and other bizarre behavior.

I am not a licensed mental health professional and don’t care to play one on the Internet. The reason I think the 25th Amendment is in order is because the president has shown a complete lack of discipline when it comes to his actions and, more importantly, his words. His constant reckless lashing out on Twitter - the last being labeling Fed Chairman Jerome Powell an “enemy” - contributes to the polarization that is making the country ungovernable.

Yes, I know and I agree that Trump was never given an honeymoon. His election unleashed a torrent of insults and unprecedented opposition. I understand. However, Trump has shown that he doesn’t know which battles to fight and where to spend his political capital. The president is still trying to apply the tactics he used to push vendors around in Atlantic City.- an approach that has clearly failed in D.C. and on the world stage.