Trump Throws Salvini Under The Bus

As if we needed further proof that Donald Trump is little more than a globalist puppet with populist rhetoric. This morning he officially backed Giuseppe Conte’s effort to throw Matteo Salvini out of the Italian government:

Salvini has proven himself to be a very inconvenient man for the globalists. He has single handily stopped the cheap labor pouring into Europe from Africa - modern day version of the old slave trade. That is why Salvini must be removed from the government and both the EU and Trump administration are working furiously to achieve it. I will congratulate the globalists on one thing. They have been very successful in making the debate over immigration about racism and human rights when in reality it is about economics. The globalists have used immigration (both legal and illegal) to drive down wages and the rights of workers in the West. That’s what the debate over immigration should be about. Instead, all the oxygen is being consumed by arguing about racism, what happened to the St. Louis and, of course, the poem at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty. Chapeau globalists!