Bolton Is Fired And Another Drama Begins

Today, Trump seems to have discovered that Bolton was one of the architects of Iraq War:

John Bolton has never made it a secret about his foreign policy positions. The only secret in this entire saga is why did Trump hire him in the first place. Perhaps, we will eventually get an answer.

In the meantime, the Trump vs. Bolton war of words is escalating. When the president announced Bolton was leaving the White House via Twitter, of course, the former national security adviser texted reporters telling them that he had offered to resign the evening before. After today’s criticism by Trump, Bolton showed no sign of going away quietly:

Of course, the mainstream media couldn’t be happier. They love covering gossip, verbal fights and everything that is superficial about politics. God forbid they would be forced to analyze policies or anything that requires knowledge, depth or thoughtfulness. However, I think most of the public is weary of the never ending Trump drama. Presidents changing staff is nothing unusual. What is unusual is Trump’s inability to do so without creating some sort circus show.