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Notorious RBG Finally Turns Up

But seriously, a Justice should not just be able to disappear for months and all the public gets is statements from family members. Given RBG's history of bouts with cancer, including the recent removal of cancerous material from her lungs—likely the metastasis of her previous bouts with either pancreatic and colon cancer—it is not an unreasonable request from either the President or the Republican Senate to require a visit with Ginsburg by a medical doctor of Republicans’ choosing if she is a no show this Tuesday.

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Blexit Won’t Happen, Don’t Hold Your Breath

Candace Owen is not the first black American to join the conservative movement promising to bring black voters into the GOP fold - and she won’t be the last. However, promises have never materialized into votes and Owen is not going to reverse the trend. Can I inform you as to why Blexit won’t happen? Very simple. Black Americans recognize the Democratic Party is the reason a whole range of employment and educational opportunities are available to them that otherwise would not. Leave the Democratic Party?  They’re more likely to depart America and move to China.

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MAGA after Trump

Therefore, it has come to the point that activists in the MAGA movement must move beyond “the man,” establish the campaign for his successor, identify that individual, take over the movement and move the ball (“agenda”) down the field. While I remain hopeful the president is capable of growing into the role for the benefit of the agenda, his continuing behavior has become a distraction to the same.  He should not run for re-election and the movement must stand up and select his successor and move forward, grateful for, but without the man.

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