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Salvini Loses His First Battle Of The Message

Ever since Matteo Salvini became leader of The League (Lega) in 2013, he has been simply masterful. In just five years, he took a party given up for dead and made it the first political party in Italy. He transformed Lega from a regional secessionist movement into one of the main nationalist parties in Europe. At every turn, Salvini has proven his critics wrong. When he became Minister of the Interior (Italy’s equivalent of Secretary of Homeland Security), the “experts” confidently declared that he would not be able to stop the flow of migrants as promised during the campaign. In a few weeks, he turned the migrant wave from Africa into a trickle. As Il Capitano (Salvini’s nickname The Captain) scored victory after victory, an aura of invincibility surrounded him and his political enemies began to despair. Even his harshest critics, praised Salvini’s communication skills. His uncanny ability to distill complex matters into simple, easily digestible and memorable lines - that is until this month.


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Italy's Populist Government Comes To An End

After fourteen months, the populist government of Italy comes to an end.  Berlin and Paris must be rejoicing that Matteo Salvini, who has been a thorn on their side, will be leaving government. Within hours of Premier Giuseppe Conte announcing his resignation, the NGO ship Open Arms was able to dock on Italian shores and deliver its merchandise of desperate Africans for the oligarchs to exploit. More ships are sure to dock in the coming days.  #CrisiDiGoverno

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