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Lessons From The Midterms

It was a blue wave. It didn’t appear so on election night but as the days passed, the mail in ballots were counted the Democrats gained 40 seats in the House and did exceptionally well in the Senate. They were able to win the two vulnerable Republican seats – Arizona and Nevada - and avoided losing Montana and West Virginia, two states Trump won handily in 2016. The president and his supporters are still trying to spin gaining two seats as somehow ‘defying history’ but the reality is, given the Senate electoral map in 2018, the GOP should have easily gained 4 to 5 seats. Hopefully, once the happy talk from the RNC about "touching" 8 zillion voters (whatever that means) fades away and the holidays are behind, more and more Trump supporters will realize that the midterms were a disaster for the president. There are many lessons to be learned and no time to waste.

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The Left Gets Its Own QAnon

Just a few weeks ago, progressives were gleefully ridiculing conservatives for buying into the QAnon conspiracy – an anonymous Internet poster claiming to have access to secret government information regarding Trump’s efforts to take down the Deep State.  However, it turns out that progressives were just envious. They too wanted their own secret agent within the Trump administration working to undermine the president they so deeply despise. Two days ago their wish was granted.  An anonymous op-ed piece claiming the existence of a Resistance movement within the White House appeared on the pages of The New York Times. Both sides having their own QAnon is rather amusing, actually laughable if it weren’t embarrassing for the country. The reaction to Trump's election the last two years has telegraphed to the world that America is in serious decline. We may still have the strongest military and a vast consumer market but politically, institutionally and culturally we are in decline.

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