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Maxine Waters Must Be Censured

Will Republican leaders finally hold Democrats accountable for their reckless rhetoric this time? After Maxine Waters delivered her latest incendiary comment calling for the harassment of Trump officials, Representative Andy Biggs introduced a bill calling for her censure. Even Paul Ryan, whose instinct is to always steer clear of any controversy, called for her to apologize. That may not seem like much, but given the Republican reluctance to confront Democrats – especially when the Democrat in question happens to be a woman and a minority – it is an improvement. Nevertheless, if history is any guide, the GOP will back down and once again will let the Democrats off the hook.

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Blue Wave Turning Into A Blue Ripple

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a piece arguing that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign had taken to the national level the same electoral strategy as Wendy Davis’ losing 2014 campaign for Governor of Texas. Both Hillary and Wendy pinned their hope for victory on women and turning out a record number of Latino voters. To achieve their objective, both relied on portraying their respective Republican opponents as misogynist, bigoted, and simply too extreme to govern. I concluded my article by raising the question of whether Hillary would suffer the same fate as Davis, and she did. Remarkably, the Democrats have decided that the surest way to win control of Congress this year is to adopt the same tactics, rhetoric, and policy positions that have delivered two losses. Will the third time be the charm? Doubtful.

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