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Lessons From The Midterms

It was a blue wave. It didn’t appear so on election night but as the days passed, the mail in ballots were counted the Democrats gained 40 seats in the House and did exceptionally well in the Senate. They were able to win the two vulnerable Republican seats – Arizona and Nevada - and avoided losing Montana and West Virginia, two states Trump won handily in 2016. The president and his supporters are still trying to spin gaining two seats as somehow ‘defying history’ but the reality is, given the Senate electoral map in 2018, the GOP should have easily gained 4 to 5 seats. Hopefully, once the happy talk from the RNC about "touching" 8 zillion voters (whatever that means) fades away and the holidays are behind, more and more Trump supporters will realize that the midterms were a disaster for the president. There are many lessons to be learned and no time to waste.

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The GOP Establishment Would Rather Lose Than Embrace Populism

In retrospect, it was very optimistic on my part –- perhaps naïve might be a more appropriate adjective –- to believe that Donald Trump winning the presidency would cause the GOP establishment to be more humble and willing to entertain some populist policies. It wasn’t so much that Trump’s victory was surprising. It was how he won. Trump didn’t just crack the so-called Blue Wall. He took it down brick by brick, in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and came very close in Minnesota. Trump did exactly what Republican strategists had said for many years the party needed to do: he expanded the electoral map and brought new voters into the Republican Party tent. The GOP should be one big happy family right? Not so fast.

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