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Will The Swamp Ever Be Drained?

Whether Donald Trump will face impeachment or be allowed to hobble along until the end of his term, also doesn’t matter. The Mueller investigation has successfully blocked the populist agenda he ran on. It has forced Trump into becoming another conventional Republican president bragging about tax cuts, military spending and Wall Street getting richer. The bold talk about draining the swamp and returning power to the people has been replaced with advocating for regime change in Venezuela. The status quo has re-established its firm grip on Washington while Trump is busily trying to fool his supporters into believing that bollard fencing paid by our taxes is the same as a concrete wall paid by Mexico.

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How 4D Chess Killed MAGA

Sessions' refusal to appoint a second Special Counsel seems to have finally caused many MAGA fans to realize that he is not the right man to drain the swamp - or drain a clogged kitchen sink - but precious months have been wasted. Had Trump supporters backed the president as I did during the summer, the Mueller probe could have been shut down before announcing any indictments. Whatever controversy or political hit firing the Special Counsel would have surely generated would be a distance memory by now. Attorney General Scott Pruitt would have been well on his way of reforming the Justice Department as he did the EPA. The MAGA agenda would be alive and well. 

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The Meaning of Firing Andrew McCabe

Under such circumstances even our cowardly Attorney General Jeff Sessions had no choice but to fire McCabe. The only way to avoid a dismissal would be to overrule the Office of Professional Responsibility -- and it's difficult to see on what grounds. I do agree that the timing of the firing -- just hours away from being eligible for his full pension -- seems petty, but unless Alex can provide proof that Trump delayed the recommendation by the Office of Professional Responsibility, then it is just another baseless attack on the president. So why didn't the proverbial dog bark? Because if Alex had mentioned the two internal investigations he would have to admit that -- gasp -- McCabe earned his dismissal. He may even have to applaud Trump for introducing the concept of accountability to Washington - double gasp!

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