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Amnesty Don Never Wanted A Wall - Part II

My prediction is that in three weeks, the group will recommend a few physical barriers (steel slats) and a whole lot of drones, sensors and other technology that can be easily switched off by the next Democrat or Bush-like Republican administration. Trump will pounce on the recommendations and tell his voters that they are an improvement over his original wall - after all, the experts have spoken! The Trump communication team will flood the airways and declare a great victory for the American people and praise the president for being a problem solver who brought Washington together. The Trump cultists will feel vindicated while the patriots will be searching for a new leader for the MAGA movement.

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Permanently Cancel The State Of The Union Address

Since president Obama, SOTU addresses have deteriorated from forgettable events to national embarrassments. The political division that plagues our country has overtaken basic courtesy and decorum. Heckling, justices falling asleep, the president rebuking other branches of government, stone faces, the political opposition sitting on its hands while members of the president’s party leap to standing ovations at the slightest pause in the speech. It is a spectacle not worthy of a great nation.

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