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Leaving The Gipper Behind

I usually don’t give up anything for Lent but this year I made an exception. Many of my readers, lately, have complained that I was too negative on Donald Trump - some even accused me of being “unhinged”. To give everyone a respite, I decided to give up criticizing the president for Lent - a much tougher task than I realized. Nevertheless, the self-imposed censorship has turned out to be extremely positive. The fighting with my readers has virtually disappeared. It has forced me to broaden my horizons and that has led me to joining the #YangGang (I will be writing more on this subject). It has also forced me to find positive aspects of the Trump presidency besides saving the country from the Hillary Clinton. One such aspect is ending the Reagan Era in Republican politics.

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The Left Gets Its Own QAnon

Just a few weeks ago, progressives were gleefully ridiculing conservatives for buying into the QAnon conspiracy – an anonymous Internet poster claiming to have access to secret government information regarding Trump’s efforts to take down the Deep State.  However, it turns out that progressives were just envious. They too wanted their own secret agent within the Trump administration working to undermine the president they so deeply despise. Two days ago their wish was granted.  An anonymous op-ed piece claiming the existence of a Resistance movement within the White House appeared on the pages of The New York Times. Both sides having their own QAnon is rather amusing, actually laughable if it weren’t embarrassing for the country. The reaction to Trump's election the last two years has telegraphed to the world that America is in serious decline. We may still have the strongest military and a vast consumer market but politically, institutionally and culturally we are in decline.

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The GOP Establishment Would Rather Lose Than Embrace Populism

In retrospect, it was very optimistic on my part –- perhaps naïve might be a more appropriate adjective –- to believe that Donald Trump winning the presidency would cause the GOP establishment to be more humble and willing to entertain some populist policies. It wasn’t so much that Trump’s victory was surprising. It was how he won. Trump didn’t just crack the so-called Blue Wall. He took it down brick by brick, in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and came very close in Minnesota. Trump did exactly what Republican strategists had said for many years the party needed to do: he expanded the electoral map and brought new voters into the Republican Party tent. The GOP should be one big happy family right? Not so fast.

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