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Trump's Losing Strategy

In other words, for Trump to have a successful presidency he needed to cast aside the populists, nationalists or the very voters that provided his margin of victory. Generally, presidents seeking re-election work to expand their base, not contract it or create a completely different coalition, especially when the new coalition requires winning voters that have consistently shunned the GOP. Apparently, Trump bought into the strategy suggested by Scaramucci - no doubt with the help of Princess Ivanka. A few days after the interview was aired, Steve Bannon left the White House and the “forgotten man” was forgotten again.

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Bannon: The GOP Was Not Prepared To Govern

Besides informing us that the GOP never had a plan to replace Obamacare, Steve Bannon joins the chorus advising the president to declare a national emergency and use the military to build the wall. Trump has no one to blame but himself for having fewer options now that the Democrats are in charge of the House. Building the wall should have been his number one priority. By waiting two years to push for the wall, Trump undermined his current argument that there is a crisis at the border. One does not wait two years to address a crisis or an emergency.

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