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Leave Trump Behind And MAGA On

In the aftermath of a complete betrayal, it is very hard to focus on any silver linings. And 'betrayed' is just the word for how many Trump supporters feel after the second bombing of Syria. It's just the latest of a string of policy reversals: he's open to amnesty and gun control, there's no wall, he's funding Planned Parenthood, and he's even contemplating rejoining TPP. Trump's core supporters are asking themselves whether he is compromised, simply not up to the job of changing Washington, or simply lied to get elected. In the end, it doesn’t matter. Trump is a lost cause. Trying to decipher his latest move or tweet is now a waste of time. Defending him against Mueller, the Deep State, or the Mean Media is just a waste of energy that could be better used to advance the MAGA agenda. So I say: forget Trump. It's time to look for our silver linings and focus on the future.

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