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Ted Cruz’s Incompetence Will Cost The Texas GOP Dearly

The speed with which the Beto Bubble burst is an indictment of the Ted Cruz re-election campaign. Beto is an empty suit. He was always an empty suit and Cruz should have been able to dispense with him in short order. Instead, Cruz spent most of the campaign AWOL while Beto was covering the state of Texas with iconic campaign signs. When Ted finally showed up it was with the lame slogan “Tough As Texas” and no clear message as to why he deserved re-election. During a telephone conference call with Republican voters I attended, Cruz was asked to list his accomplishments while in office. He responded by mentioning that he passed legislation awarding the Purple Heart to the victims of the Fort Hood terrorist attack and obtained federal disaster aid for areas ravaged by hurricane Harvey. The Great Tea Party Hope of Texas had nothing to show as far as rolling back Obamacare, tackling illegal immigration or reining in the federal government.

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