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Bannon: The GOP Was Not Prepared To Govern

Besides informing us that the GOP never had a plan to replace Obamacare, Steve Bannon joins the chorus advising the president to declare a national emergency and use the military to build the wall. Trump has no one to blame but himself for having fewer options now that the Democrats are in charge of the House. Building the wall should have been his number one priority. By waiting two years to push for the wall, Trump undermined his current argument that there is a crisis at the border. One does not wait two years to address a crisis or an emergency.

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Trump Is Lazy

"How can you say he's lazy? Look how much he has achieved in just one year," some will say. Well, nothing much on immigration -- that’s for sure. Tax cuts, deregulation, and conservative judges are all wins that any other Republican would have delivered. What we get with Trump is a lot of smoke and mirrors, lots of declarations of “winning” -- and then when the smoke clears, nothing much has changed. The latest example of Trump's laziness concerns the caravan of illegal immigrants making its way from Central America to the United States. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Trump cultists were all over social media declaring a “win” for the president, because the caravan had apparently been disbanded -- only to learn they have actually reached the Mexico-USA border and are climbing over the existing fence. Heck, the Trump cultists have already declared that peace is reigning over the Korean peninsula – let’s hope we don’t find out the hard way that it was more smoke by having a nuclear weapon land on our shores.

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